Thomas Clark

Thomas Clark is a makar an scriever fae the Scottish Borders. He is presently editor o Scots at Bella Caledonia, an poyet-in-residence at Selkirk FC. He gabs awa at an on Twitter: @clashcityclarky.

Alistair Heather

Alistair Heather wirks wi the Elphinstone Institute at the University o Aiberdeen, heezin up Scots in the North-East throu impruivin its visibility in the media an tourism, an estaiblishin Scots in ilka pairt o the education system, fae bairnheid tae unnergraduate. He maks Scots Radio, alangside Frieda Morrison, an Scots Radio TV, an scrieves for The National, The Herald an aab’dy else wha’ll pit him in prent. He hauds a first-cless honours degree in History fae the University o Aiberdeen. Gie him yer chat @Historic_Ally an via Alistair [DOT] heather [AT]

James McDonald

James McDonald is a Scots polyglot steyin in Réunion. He is keen on different leids, inspecially local leids, an their forderin, whether it's Scots, Gaelic, Réunion Creole or ither leids. He wirks in schuils, helpin bairns wi their hamewirk an giein chess lessons. Ye can contact him on jmcd89 [AT] googlemail [DOT] com.

Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith is a componer, pianae player, occasional scriever, an the foonder an editor o the present blog. He’s a wab developer tae tred. Finnd oot mair at an follae him on Twitter @jamieonkeys.

Elizabeth Thoumire

Elizabeth is an Edinburgh-born airtist drawin an pentin maistly animals an birds. Forby, she is pairt o the organisation Hands Up For Trad at wirks tae increase the profile an visibility o Scottish traditional muisic an cultur throu information, education an advocacy. Visit her wabsteid at

Antonia Uri

Antonia Uri is a twinty-ane year auld Doric-spikkin student o Modren Furrin Leids at Aiberdeen University. She is currently the Alba Editor at The Gaudie, an a scriever for The National. Claik awa wi her on Twitter @teuchtertoni.