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Scots an ither leids

The soondbuird ablo gies a wheen Scots wirds that’s símilar in ither Germanic leids, sic as Norse, Dens an Swades. They micht or micht no be cognates (wirds stryndit frae the ae source).

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Scots, the leids o Scandinaivie, Dutch an German

Scots Norse Dens Swades Dutch German
,   ,
brur       broer  
byke bikube        
chist, kist          
coff       kopen  
hae ha        
hoast     hosta    
ilka       elk  
learn     lära    
licht       licht  
nummer ane       nummer een  
watter         Wasser
, Christmas  

Note: the Scots leid haes as its springheid Early Northren Middle English. Middle English is the name gien tae the varieties o English (sic as the foresaid Northren ane) spoken frae aboot 1150 (circa 400 years afore Shakespeare’s time). By the stert o the 16t century Scots haed gane a guid gate in becomin a leid in its ain richt, uised baith by the ordinar fowk as weel as the high heid anes in the government, law etc. Ower yon time the North o England haed leukit til the sooth o England for its cultural wysins, an the leids sindert. The twa sister tongues, houiver, still haed a feck o skaired vocabular. A wheen Modren Scots wirds listit abuin (sic as bairn an hoose) still kythe the day in Northren dialects o Modren English; hou muckle, I dinna ken.

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Ony mistaks abuin is the faut o the editor.

Norse, Dens, Swades, German an English audio dounlaidit frae Google Translate. Scots vyce airtist: Joanne Andrews.