Scots an ither leids

The table ablo ettles tae gie a kythin tae hou sib Scots is til ither Germanic leids, sic as Norse, Swades an English.

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Thir is juist a wheen o the mony appearant cognates skared atween Scots an, in partĂ­cular, the langages o Scandinaivie. (Whaur thare isna a cognate for a wird, or the cognate disna hae the ilk meanin, we’v gane wi the owresettin gien bi Google Translate.)

Scots, the leids o Scandinaivie, German, an English

Scots Norse Dens Swades German English
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Note: the Scots leid haes as its springheid Early Northren Middle English. Middle English is the name gien tae the varieties o English (sic as the foresaid Northren ane) spoken frae about 1150 (circa 400 years afore Shakespeare’s time). Bi the stairt o the 16t century Scots haed sindert a guid hantle intil a leid in its ain richt, uised baith bi the ordinar fowk as weel as the high heid anes in, for instance, the government an the law. Owre the ilk time, the North o England haed leukit tae the south o England for its cultural wysins. The twa sister tongues, houaniver, still haed a feck o skared vocabular. A wheen Modren Scots wirds leetit abuin (sic as bairn, flit, an hous) still kythe the day in Northren dialects o Modren English; hou muckle, I dinna ken. Gin ye dae, tweet me!

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Norse, Dens, Swades, German an English audio dounlaidit frae Google Translate. Scots vyce airtist: Joanne Andrews.