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Cairte o Europe in Scots

This is less or mair a rewark o the cairte o Europe in Scots compiled by Dr Dauvit Horsbroch o the Centre for the Scots Leid, and that featurs in his popular YouTube lectur ‘Kennin the Scots Leid’. Dr Horsbroch haesna haed a haund in this version (apairt frae some advisement, fair appreciatit by mysel, anent a couple o names) and sae ony Scots spelling errors is mine alane. International mairches conform tae them that’s recognised by the Unitit Kinrick.

Ye can read a bittie mair anent Scots country names in Dr Horsbroch’s post ‘Names in Scots — kintras ootland’. Ye can finnd Scots country names in sindry places, sic as the Dictionar o the Scots Leid and ben the warks o Sir Dauvit Lindsay (and ithergates in the NLS digital archive), as weel as airticles in the 19t and 20t century press.

I’v skaired a spreidsheet o some o the sources ahint the cairte. Ye can view and dounlaid it here.

The map is available tae dounlaid in a wheen formats:

  • PDF (heichest quality; wirks weel on aw devices)
  • CMYK PDF (the CMYK colour format is needit for prentin)
  • PNG.

Feel free tae speir at me wi ony questions or corrections: hullo [AT] makforrit [DOT] scot.


Scots cairte o Europe


    • 18 Aprile: Dr Horsbroch brocht Moroccae tae my attention. Updatit the cairte frae Marrok, conform tae this later uissage.
    • 20 Aprile:
      • Correctit spellin o Mediterrane
      • Updatit spellin o Spaingie tae Spainie
      • Updatit Ingland, Irland and Norlan Irland tae mair modren spellins
      • Eikit label for Monaco
      • Eikit label for Caspis Sea.
    • 22 Aprile: Chynged spellin o Austrich tae Austrik.
    • 2 Mey: Updatit text sizes. Eikit ae mair mairch atween Armenie and Azerbaijan that wisna in the oríginal SVG
    • 6 Mey: Uplaidit prent version and eikit link tae spreidsheet.

Last updatit 28 August 2020