Cairte o Europe in Scots

This is less or mair a rewark o the cairte o Europe in Scots compiled by Dr Dauvit Horsbroch o the Centre for the Scots Leid, and that featurs in his popular YouTube lectur ‘Kennin the Scots Leid’. Dr Horsbroch haesna haed a haund in this version (apairt frae some advisement, fair appreciatit by mysel, anent a couple o names) and sae ony Scots spelling errors is mine alane. International mairches ar conform tae them that’s recognised by the Unitit Kinrick.

Ye can read mair anent Scots kintrae and cíty names in Dr Horsbroch’s document ‘Recommendations for Names of Countries, Nations, Regions & States in Scots’.

Ye can finnd Scots kintrae names in sindry places, sic as the Dictionar o the Scots Leid and ben the warks o Sir Dauvit Lindsay (and ithergates in the NLS digital archive), as weel as airticles in the 19t and 20t century press.

I’v pit thegither a spreidsheet o kintrae and ither geographical names in Scots, sae’s ye can see the soorces ahint the cairte.

The map is available tae dounlaid in a wheen formats:

  • PDF (heichest quality; wirks weel on aw devices)
  • CMYK PDF (the CMYK colour format is recommendit for prentin)
  • PNG.

Feel free tae speir at me wi ony questions or corrections: hullo [AT] makforrit [DOT] scot.


Scots cairte o Europe


    • 18 Aprile 2020: Dr Horsbroch brocht Moroccae tae my attention. Updatit the cairte frae Marrok, conform tae this later uissage
    • 20 Aprile:
      • Correctit spellin o Mediterrane
      • Updatit spellin o Spaingie tae Spainie
      • Updatit Ingland, Irland and Norlan Irland tae mair modren spellins
      • Eikit label for Monaco
      • Eikit label for Caspis Sea
    • 22 Aprile: Chynged spellin o Austrich tae Austrik
    • 2 Mey: Updatit text sizes. Eikit ae mair mairch atween Armenie and Azerbaijan that wisna in the oríginal SVG
    • 6 Mey: Uplaidit prent version and eikit link tae spreidsheet

Cairte last updatit 28 August 2020