Brither Ringan’s bogie tale

Uisually, whan I write here on Mak Forrit it’s airticles that I’m writin, but this time, I hae a wee story for yese: The day is the twinty-fowert o Mairch, 1350. I masel, Brither Ringan, Benedictine monk at Dunfermline Abbey, am herein settin furth a bogie tale ootwi ma relígious duties. Whan we rose for nocturnes (wir nicht prayer), I wis haein a awfie frichtsome bogie tale o a dream. …

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A owerview o Réunion Creole

Réunion Creole is a Creole leid that is spoken in Réunion, a island aff the East coast o Africae, in the Sooth-Wast o the Indian Ocean. It is the anerly leid specífic tae the island and is spoken bi mair nor 80 per cent o the indwallers, and is unnerstuid bi even mair. Creole is kent bi the feck o the population, but is for ordinar uised in ilkaday contexts, …

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Sri Lankan refugees comin tae Réunion

Syne the stert o 2018, the’r been Sri Lankan asylum seekers comin tae Réunion, an island tae the East o Africae ringit bi Fraunce, bi boat. The’r been sax boats in 13 month cairryin fae sax tae 120 Sri Lankans. It’s a wanchancy traik, inspecially wi the wee rafts some o thaim haes got. The refugees tholes an assizes on laundfaw. Lawyers defendin some o thaim haes said that thare …

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The Yellae Jaiket muivement in Réunion

Syne 17t November, there haes been a social muivement gaun on in Fraunce cried the Yellae Jaiket (gilets jaunes) muivement. The muivement gits its name fae the heich visibility yellae jaikets the protesters weir. The muivement is mair or less spontaneous, an haes nae real heid ane.

The original ettle o the muivement wis the protest agin the waux in petrol prices. But it tite wirtht till a general revolt agin social injustice, agin the lack o participative democracy an agin the preses Macron an the thir-days Forrit (En Marche) government.

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Hou tae forder human skeels

Afore the simmer, I writ in ma afore gane airticle anent hou there is specific skeels that us humans haes that ither species disnae. But hou can we forder thir capacities? Mony human skeels appear tae hae developit in the situation in prehistoric East Africae whaur, acqueesh 135,000-90,000 year syne, there wis several drochts. Thir drochts wis brithert wi a chynge in material cultur. Archaeologists thinks this suggests some o the maist important intellectual skeels developit by wir species, like spikkin an abstract thocht, kythed at this time.

This mebbes appluised a richt muckle cousie for humanity. It turnt oot the early humans wis gittin a inlat for intellectual capacities tae develop.

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