MAK FORRIT is a blog anent politics, cultur, the airts an mair, written in Scots.

Alang wi Inglis an Gàidhlig, Scots is ane o Scotland’s three hamelt leids. It’s spoken bi aboot 1.5 million fowk, frae Shetland doun tae the Borders.

Some uise juist a puckle wirds in amang thair Inglis vocabular; ithers speak in braw, braid Scots. The’re a wheen o bonnie by-leids forby, sic as the Doric an Shetlandic.

Aiblins Robert Louis Stevenson pit it best: “Of a’ the lingo’s ever prentit, The braidest Scot’s the best inventit.” I canna argie wi that.

This blog ettles tae gie Scots scrievers ane mair ootlat on the wab tae mak thair vyces heard.

Howp ye enjey.

Yours aye,

Jamie Smith
Foonder an eiditor