Mak Forrit is a blog anent politics, cultur, the airts an mair, written in Scots.

Alang wi English an Gàidhlig, Scots is ane o Scotland’s three hamelt leids. The 2011 offícial census shawed that it’s spoken by aboot 1.5 million fowk, frae Shetland doun tae the Borders.

Maist fowk will like eneuch ken Scots frae the poetry o Scotland’s national baird Robert Burns. Scots haes a wheen o bonnie by-leids, sic as the Doric an Shaetlan, an a fouthie vocabular suitit tae ony spoken or scrievit ettle.

Aiblins Robert Louis Stevenson pit it best whan he wrate: “Of a’ the lingo’s ever prentit, The braidest Scot’s the best inventit.” I canna argie wi that!

This blog ettles tae gie Scots scrievers ane mair outlat on the wab tae mak thair vyces heard.

Howp ye enjoy.

Yours aye,

Jamie Smith
Founder an editor