Statue o Robert the Bruce, Stirlin Castle, Stirlin, Scotland
Dauvit Horsbroch

Scotland’s Ain Kingly Hooses: Robert The Bruce

Born 11 Julie 1274 at Turnberry castle, Ayrshire, Robert wis the son o Robert Bruce o Annandale an erle o Carrick, an Magret coontess o Carrick. The Bruce faimily wis sprung fae the line o Erle Dauvit o Huntingdon an haed a guid claim on the croun o Scotland. His faither — an hissel — chynged sides in the weirs, whiles fechtin for the guardians an whiles for Edwart Langshanks o Ingland. Back an forrit the faimily gaed. It aw lippent on whither or no the guardians upheld Balliol or Bruce claims tae the croun an whither or no Langshanks micht ‘gie’ the croun tae the Bruces, pittin the faimily in an awfu swither.

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William Wallace
Alistair Heather

Bravehert: The truth anent William Wallace (pairt 2)

Edward Langshanks wis mairchin north, an a fecht wis inevitable. It wis ane the Scots warna likely tae win. Wallace at this stage makkit ae decision that wad gie his force an advantage. Kennin that the giant English airmy wad hae need o great stores o supplies, he draggit them deeper intae Scotland. Mair nor thon, he pit mony ferms tae the torch. Wallace, guairdian o the Scots fowk, set the fertile ferms o the Lothians ablaze. He wantit tae stairve England’s airmy.

The ploy wisnae faur awa fae wirkin.

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Still frae Bravehert
Alistair Heather

Bravehert: The truth anent William Wallace (pairt 1)

Wallace cam fae nae place, gaithert thegither thoosands o common fowk in Scotland wi some orra glamour o personality or skeel, an wi the grumly, switherin support o the Scottish nobility, he gied the English ane o the great skelpins at Stirlin Brig. But there’s sae mony haivers spake aroond Wallace that ye maun feel that MacDiarmid micht hae been scrievin as weel aboot Wallace as Burns wi the lines, ‘Mair nonsense has been uttered in his name / Than in ony’s barrin’ liberty and Christ.’

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Group o fowk sittin unner a sunset
James McDonald

Hou tae forder human skeels

Afore the simmer, I writ in ma afore gane airticle anent hou there is specific skeels that us humans haes that ither species disnae. But hou can we forder thir capacities? Mony human skeels appear tae hae developit in the situation in prehistoric East Africae whaur, acqueesh 135,000-90,000 year syne, there wis several drochts. Thir drochts wis brithert wi a chynge in material cultur. Archaeologists thinks this suggests some o …

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Cairt o Scotland shawin the airts whaur Scots is spoken. Steidit on 2011 census wittins
Thomas Clark

It’s no you, it’s me: or, sorry Gaelic, but Scots still haes issues tae wirk throu

Syne we’r aw on the subject nou o whit mis-uisses o the leid a Scots spikker is or isnae alloued tae feel affrontit bi — whither it’s sneistie Disney-Pixar memes or the Diet Scots on American telly programmes — can ah lat ye in on wan o ma ain wee wirry-carles? Ye’ll hiv heard it yersel, nae dout; yon thocht-terminatin cliché that signifies maximum woke wi minimum ettlin, thirls sympathy …

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Tatties, ingans an garlic on widden backgrund
Elizabeth Thoumire

Makkin a muckle o a mickle

Invitit oot tae a Mexican-style eatin howff twa weeks back I could hear the chiels at the fit o the buird daurin ither hauflins if they haed the smeddum tae tak the chilli challenge. I dout I haed e’en seen a chilli whan I wis their age, an it got me thinkin on the muckle chynges ower time in oor wey o eatin. Oor victuals the day ar sae different …

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Illustration o a screichin ape seatit at a dask
David Graeber

Anent the Phenomenon o Bulls**t Jobs: A Wark Threap

I the year 1930, John Maynard Keynes predictit that, by the century’s end, technology wad be advanced eneuch that kintras like Britain or the Unitit States wad hae achieved a fifteen-oor wark week. The’r ivery raison tae trew he wis richt. In terms o technology, we ar brawly capable o this. But it didna happen. Insteid, technology haes been marshalt, gin onything, tae airt oot weys o makkin us aa …

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Katie Bairdie

The birds an the bees

For a fyle nou there’s been a hert-warmin video circulatin social media, fit is focused on the story o a humble wifie fae Inverness. The video, made bi ‘The Dodo’, tells the tale o Fiona Presly fa cam across a wee bee ’ithoot wings in her gairden ae day, an decidit tae rescue her an tae gie her a new lease o life. Sae mony fowk hiv been titcht bi …

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Girl with a Book by José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior
James McDonald

The skeels o Jock Tamson’s bairns

Humans is animals like ony ither in that we eat, sleep, muive aboot an dae the auld hochmagandie. But, at the same time, we arnae the same as ither animals, pairtly acause we ar the anerly species that can unnerstaund whit I’m scrievin. We ar the anerly species that haes gane fae bein an endangert species in an East African glen tae bein the anerly species tae bide on theirsels …

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Jamie Smith

Soonds o the kirk an court: early airt muisic in Scotland

Whither in Italy, Germany, Fraunce or England, muisic bi gate o court an kirk wis floorishin aw ower Europe i the Renaissance an Baroque periods. But what o Scotland? Wis it aw juist bagpipes, reels an fowk sangs? I pit on my speirer’s bunnet an haed a bit leuk . . . Atween c1430 an c1750 — a time that comprehends twa muisical eras scholars caws the Renaissance an Baroque …

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The Beuk o Kells
Alistair Heather

Whaur we cam fae: the Pechts

The Pechts war warriors, fermers an airtists that ruled ower maist o Scotland throu the first millenia AD. They war the distinct fowk that emerged whan aa the hunners o wee clans in verra early Derk Age Scotland gaithert thegither. They spreid ae appearently homogenous cultur oot fae their hertlaunds in the saxt century, an suin Pechtland raxed ower maist o Scotland. Their name an the ends o their muckle launds ar commemoratit in the Pentland Hills, sooth o Embra, an the Pentland Firth aff John O’ Groats, wi Pent bein anither name for Pecht. There’s a guid amoont o haivers spak aboot the Pechts, an little truith. Lat’s here ging on a wee journey throu the story o the Pechts an sort oot whit’s kent fae whit’s keech.

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Wittins anent nutrition on fuid label

Fit tae dae aboot obesity?

Nae ower lang syne, there wis an outcry on social media. Cancer Research UK haed juist released new advertisin, fit wis intendit tae mak a verra clear pynt. The image clearly read: “Obesity is a cause of cancer.” Ae quine wisna too impressed wi this idea, an cried on Twitter that it wis ‘fat-shamin’ an that the chairity should tak it doun. Than, aa o a sudden, a haundfu o …

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